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"To be vulnerable - to really put yourself out there and to lean ito it - is to live courageously!"

Brene Brown

A Woman’s Voice is a Revolution’

In January 2023, Lynette Allen asked me to be one of 50 women over 50 to write a book with her. 

We all shared our life wisdom in this unique book. A rich tapestry of love woven with carefully crafted words and insights, we are women from all walks of life, but we all share the wish that as you dip into this sacred book of secrets, may you find solace, strength and a reminder of the resilient, radiant woman you are. 

All proceeds of this book go to the charity Bali Street Mums who rescue children and their mothers from very distressing situations and bring them back to health, family and education!

You can buy the book HERE 

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The Guardian - UK

Emma Boardman, who runs Pimp My Cloakroom, says the strangest thing a partygoer ever checked in was a baby goat...

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