Brand Portfolio

Collaboration is what makes all my brands possible and 

this is why it’s one of my favourite things to do.


Collaboration is a partnership; a union; the act of producing or making something together. 

Collaboration can take place between two people or many people, strangers or best friends. 

To collaborate is to commit to the possibility of producing an outcome greater

 than one that would be developed in a silo.

The Original Thinkers Club

A dysfunctional company bringing
fresh perspectives to the people.


We incubate our ideas and concepts, and release them into the world through our content, communication and communities.

To support us on our interruptive journey, we’ve invited some of our favourite storytellers to bring their inspiring words to our table.

The game-changers, the change-makers and the conscious creators who are all having the time of their lives, doing what they were born to do, while helping us shift the narratives on the important topics of today.


What’s your Story and how are you Telling it?

The Sister Table Mallorca

Another dysfunctional brand by The Original Thinkers Club...

We are proud to introduce a new paradigm in female networking.

A safe space where we focus on finding our voices
and turning them up loud!

We support you in Confident Communication and our supportive tips and support sisters bring an ease and reassurance to avoid any awkward networking experiences.

Expect good vibes and meet like-minded sisters.

Each week we all get the chance to jump on the mic and introduce ourselves, the only catch is we give you a prompt and 30 secs to keep things on track and prevent us all from boring each other! 

The Table Club Mallorca

"An indulgent social dining experience with curious conversations in an especially charming location."

Together with my partner I saw an opportunity to create an alternative kind of networking event, one with a focus on bringing new people together from all different worlds, free from the constraints of any traditional demographic.

Fun fact - We won the award for  "Best In-Person Social Platform - Spain" the Travel and Tourism Awards 2023, hosted by LUXlife!

International Childrens Song Writer

I discovered my passion and talent for songwriting when I created the Bambini Lingo brand. These days I'm regularly commissioned to write original songs and nursery rhymes for Felix Fox at Amazon Kids and Major and Melody at Sony Wonder. Writing catchy, relevant and meaningful songs for children is one of my favourite things to do!